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The 50.000 YouTube Subscriber Track

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
On November 8th 2015, we reached 50.000 subscribers on YouTube. We want to thank everyone who supported us, and encouraged us throughout the years.

To celebrate, and as a thank you to all of you, we've released this track ("Final Hour") under our old license "Creative Commons Attribution" (as opposed to our current regular Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial NoDerivative license). So, "Final Hour" can be downloaded and used in your monetized projects without buying any additional license.

How to credit

For a YouTube, Vimeo or other video page description, you can copy and paste the following:

Music used: "Final Hour" by Per Kiilstofte (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

For anything else, just make sure the artist name, track name and the license is clear to the audience.

The difference: Prime, Multistem & Elias

As you no doubt have noticed by now, this track comes with 3 different payloads, "PRIME", "MULTISTEM" and "ELIAS". If you're interested to know the difference, read on.

"PRIME", is the regular finished track. It's the track you hear when playing back the YouTube render. What you may not know is that the "PRIME" payload actually holds 2 WAV files, one 16bit and another at 24bit, a flac render and an mp3 as well for convenience.

The "MULTISTEM" version holds renders of multiple stems of the track. In the case of "Final Hour", the multistem holds individual stem renders of strings, vocals, piano synth chime, percussion, brass and synths. This gives you the opportunity to create your own mix and even extend or shorten some aspects of the track. Which stems are included in a "MULTISTEM" track varies on a track by track basis, this is because it is dependent on what instruments are actually used, but as a rule of thumb you always get at least 4 stems to work with, in our "MULTISTEM" tracks. The actual stem count is displayed on the left hand side of our track pages.

The "ELIAS" payload is specifically made for game developers. It comes as an "Elias Project File (*.epro)" and you can think of it as an advanced multistem track with trigger points. You will need special software called "ELIAS Composer Studio" to play back the "Elias Project File". Fortunately it's free, and you can download it from Elias Software's website.
Under normal circumstances though, the Elias project would be integrated into the game through the game engine (i.e. Unity, Unreal). The "ELIAS Composer Studio" is only a tool for composers and the like to check out and work with a musical theme via a graphical interface.

It should be noted, that the ELIAS theme is not an exact copy of the original track. It's unmistakenly built upon the original, however due to limitations in the engine you may find artistic pauses or other choices made during the composition of the original work are different or simply not present in the ELIAS version.
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