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Humble Beginnings

When brothers Jens & Per Kiilstofte started Machinimasound it was a response to the copyright issues machinimators were experiencing around 2008-2009. Back then, few people knew the issues of using film music from someone like Hans Zimmer. Some received cease and desist letters and their work was subjected to DMCA take downs. The issues surrounding copyright and lack of appropriate licensing created a void for affordable music for these hobbyists. In other words, we found that we could create a mutually beneficial relationship with a community we loved, while giving our music a purpose.


In the summer of 2012, we embarked upon a new chapter by releasing our first premium tracks album: “Dimensions Volume One”. It was a 10 track album, with a new premium track sent out to all Dimensions vol. One owners, every month for 12 months. We even made a commercial about Dimensions, and put a great amount of effort into it. However, when we were done with post production it turned out the story made no sense. We should’ve realized that sooner, and perhaps more importantly: We should’ve stuck with the music.

Bringing along some friends

In 2013 we brought on two new promising composers. One quit, and the other stuck around and is still here to this day – thankfully so, because Aaron Spencer has become a great friend of ours. This is also the year we started expanding on our commercial library and developed a fully fledged e-commerce website. A bit later, Russ Makiwicz, a great friend of Per’s, also joined and added some much needed diversity to the library.

Going Full Time

In May of 2015, we finally took the plunge and went full time with Machinimasound and audio work in general. So far it’s been exhausting and exciting at the same time. It’s also been a tremendous learning experience. In late 2016, we were coming up on our 8 year anniversary and we realized that if we wanted Machinimasound to continue and to some extent compete against much larger companies, we needed to come up with a new mission:

To provide music and sound of the highest quality in the simplest way.

We’ve removed everything we deemed unnecessary after going over our old website. No bells, no whistles, no trying to get you to buy this that and the other special deal. Just pure music, one simple price and licensing.

Going forward, for every update we do we will continue to ask ourselves: Is this the simplest way possible? Or in other words, are we saving you, our customers, as much time as we can?