How to deal with YouTube “Matched third-party content”

On YouTube you’re subject to having your uploaded videos scanned by a fingerprinting system, known as Content ID. Content ID tries to identify third party copyrighted content and if the uploaded video matches a known fingerprint, your video is flagged as “Matched third-party content”.

Starting July 2015, we will be utilizing the Content ID system for our CC-BY-NC-ND licensed music (everything but our “Legacy Tracks”) through the company AdRev. The “Legacy Tracks” are all licensed under “Creative Commons Attribution” and they will never be added to Content ID by us.

It’s very important to stress that when you receive a “Matched third-party content” flag on your uploaded content, that it does not mean you’ve violated any copyright, and it’s not a “copyright strike” either. The system is merely letting you know that parts of the uploaded content’s copyright is held by someone else.

If you want to monetize your video, you have to let the Content ID system know that you’ve acquired the necessary license to do so, and you can do that through YouTube’s own form or our whitelisting form.


How to clear a claim via YouTube

In order to clear a claim via YouTube you can click the “Matched third-party content” link on the affected video and then dispute the claim by selecting “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material” and then write something short like:
I have the appropriate license to utilize the music by [Artist Name] and Machinimasound” and following that you should copy/paste the part of the PDF license that’s markable including the unique “License ID”. Alternatively you could provide a private link to your license PDF using Dropbox or similar service.

How to clear a claim via Machinimasound

To clear a claim via Machinimasound, all you have to do is log in to your account, go to the whitelisting form and input the URL to the video that needs to be cleared.

After Disputing the Claim

After you’ve disputed the automated Content ID claim, it will be reviewed within 1-4 days and provided the license checks out, it will be released.

The following is an example of how a claim on our music would look on YouTube:

  • Zdelamond Wrote:

    Can i ask you if i use your music in my video and i have third-party content, the music will still listen or you delete from my video ?

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    By default the music stays put on the video.

  • Salim Boullali Wrote:

    Hi there, I got a content ID match on my last video for using “Skyline”, a recent track from Jens!
    How do I get this PDF license to clear the claim on youtube?

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    You mean [SECTOR-17] Skyline, from me? Jens didn’t do that one. Anyway, to get the license, you pay for the rights to use the track.

  • Salim Boullali Wrote:

    Ok Per Kiilstoffe! I’ll see if I buy it! Thanks

  • Ken Wrote:

    So in short, we cannot monetize the videos with the music in it unless we buy the track. Is that right or am I missing something and we can still use some music and monetize without paying?


  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Hello Ken,

    You can still use the “Legacy Tracks” for free with monetization. But any track released in 2015 and onwards is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivative, and you are correct that they require an extra license that is only available through purchase.

  • Ken Wrote:

    Thanks for clearing that up.
    I’ve used Milkshake by Aaron Spencer and not received any claims.

    I plan on using a few new tracks without having to deal with any claims. I don’t mind paying for tracks I just don’t want to deal with claims on YT videos.
    Basically which track should I be looking at if I don’t want to receive claims whether the tracks are paid or not.


  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Yeah, Milkshake is denoted with “Legacy Track”, and we don’t add legacy tracks to content id. Ironically, sometimes rogue music distributors and MCN’s on YouTube may actually claim our Legacy Track music. Their motives are unknown, but it’s possible for them to do so because the track isn’t in the system to begin with. It can be a hassle to deal with for everyone, including us, as they can be surprisingly unresponsive. This is part of the reason as to why our newer music is being added to Content ID. We’re trying to protect it, and I can promise you we’re a whole lot quicker at fixing a claim than someone else who’s reputation isn’t on the line.

    Anyway, when you buy one or more of our tracks you get an account, and on your account you have the ability to add your videos or your whole channel to a whitelist. That way you wont get a claim. And even if you were to get a claim, hypothetically speaking, it’s solvable by simply writing me with the link to the video and I will get the claim removed. You wouldn’t have to deal with going through the whole YouTube appeals debacle.

  • Oliver Wrote:


    I tried to contact you twice via your support mail, but did not get a response. So I will it try it this way:
    I have added my channel and ALL videos using your music to the whitelist. I hope that everything will be fine. Fortunately I have not received a claim yet. But I was wondering whether you could check that for me. Of course I know that I can check that for myself via the “Content ID Notifications” function. But I only want to be 100% sure, that my channel does not get affected by any of these copyright issues. Would be really nice of you, if you could check that for me.

    Channel link:

    I am also asking that, because I am going to go on holiday from the 9th to the 23rd August. So I will not be able to watch out for and deal with Content ID claims.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a good day!

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Hello Oliver,

    I apologize that I’ve yet to get to your e-mails. I sometimes have to prioritize my responses, and if it’s not a pressing issue or something you can find out on your own through reading I have to prioritize people that need help or information they can’t find in our explanations, FAQ, License or blog posts. As you can imagine with this change there’s been a lot of e-mails at my end.

    Another factor in my priority decision was that your channel was whitelisted a long time ago. You already added it to the system, and I knew you were not going to have any issues. This is also why you have not received any claims from us or our provider. So, don’t panic :) – It’s all good!

    Also note, as I write in the blog post here, that third party matches on a video does not equal a copyright issue, and noone will receive any strikes because of these matches.

    Again, I apologize for the slow reply, but I hope you understand my having to prioritize. It’s only me dealing with communications and as you know I actually also do music and lot of other things.

    I trust this clears everything up so you can relax and go on your holiday without any concerns :)

  • Oliver Wrote:

    Thank you very much for replying and calming me down, Per. This clears it up for me indeed! :)

    I also wanted to stress that you are doing a really great job as a composer. I have been using your and Jens’ music for about a year now and it is still pretty nice in my opinion. :)

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Thank you very much Oliver, I appreciate it! – We do our best to get better at our craft every day, and I’m glad you’re still around! :)

  • Ashley V Wrote:

    I’m glad you have this posted. I just uploaded a video with several of your Legacy tracks, and it was hit with content matching before it ever went live. :/

    Either YouTube’s system is being overzealous, or someone/some group has laid claim to “Beyond the Stars” and is calling it “Kolonisation.” All YT tells me is this: “”Kolonisation”, musical composition administered by:
    One or more music publishing rights collecting societies”

    Love your music. Have for years. :)

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Hey Ashley,

    It is indeed YouTube’s system this time around. It’s a false positive, and you can safely dispute the claim. After you do that a human from “One or more music publishing rights collecting societies” will remove the claim. This has happened before, and noone has had a problem with disputing it, as it really is a different piece of music. The content ID system just isn’t perfect.

    Additionally I can tell you that we do not put our “Legacy Tracks” in the Content ID system. If you encounter these matches it’s never us, but a false positive like in your case, or someone who may be plagiarizing and trying to profit from our free music by sending it through a distributor that adds it to Content ID. It has happened before and it will probably happen again. If it does happen, just let us know and we will help you out.

  • Haytham Wrote:

    Hey guys! I was just wondering, since I was thinking about making some youtube money I can’t have any tracks that aren’t legacy tracks. Can you guys make a list of all non legacy tracks so I know which ones I can’t use? Thanks.

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Hello Haytham,

    May I suggest you re-read the licensing for the Legacy Tracks. They are under Creative Commons Attribution, always has been and always will be. They are perfectly fine to use on YouTube for monetization :)

  • Haytham Wrote:

    No I meant could you guys make a list of all non legacy tracks so I know which ones I won’t be downloading. Like on a blog post you just make a list of all non legacy tracks that require a payment to be used with monetization.

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    I’m not making a blog post for that. That would be a rather backwards way of doing things. Search for the word “free” to list our legacy tracks:

  • lee Chewka Wrote:

    Hi I have used a song “lets get it on ” to add to my video. I have been told its a match third party and guess cannot use the music. So I understand all the above information correctly, are you saying I have to get the rights from the musician in order to use this song ? How do I possibly go about that ? i see many people make videos with other peoples music behind it ,,,so how do I go about this ? It would not have the same effect without the music. Thanks kindly for your help and support.

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Hello Lee,

    Are you talking about the Marvin Gaye song? I do not know who’s the rights holders on Marvin Gayes work. It varies how rights holders go about handling their copyright. Some let you just use the music while they then monetize the video. This way you would still be able to use the music and have the effect you want, but you wont be making money on it. Some are more aggressive and just remove anything they come across.

    Going about licensing something like “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye is something that takes quite a lot of money.

  • Tom Wrote:

    Hi, I choose to use a soundtrack in one of my videos, and choose to go down the monetization route when I have x number of subscribers can I then buy the music when I monetize the video or do I have to buy the music beforehand even if I’m not making any money from it?
    I hope my question makes sense


  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Hello Tom,

    If you use our regular music, you would need to buy a license to sync it with a video and display it publicly. If you don’t want to pay but still want to monetize, you can use our “Legacy Tracks” for that.

  • Jim Frederichson Wrote:

    Just passed by to say that I’m impressed by the quality and quickness of the responses by Mr. Kiilstofte. No canned copy-pasted replies! Kudos!

  • Jeff Wrote:

    Hello! Great music!

    If I want to use your music as a podcast into that will play at the start of all my podcasts and live streams how does the licencing work? will I need to have a license for each time the intro is played? I am hoping that I will only need to purchase it once and will be able to play it as the same audio file over and over again. Thanks for you help!

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Hey Jeff,

    You only need to buy a license once, and then you can use it indefinitely :)

  • III Tox III Wrote:

    I recently live streamed on YouTube Star Wars Battlefront (Beta) and the song Asteroid Field by John Williams came up as a background music but it was still claimed by third party user. What can I do about that?

  • Gerald Figueroa Wrote:

    Greetings! Earlier today I purchased the $8 24-BIT “Devoid Presence” song. I uploaded a short video to YouTube in which the song plays and I got a Content ID claim. Despite that the $8 version does not require attribution, I thought it’d still be nice to give credit to Jens. Do I still need to whitelist? If so, do I need to include anything specific, such as the pdf License file?

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Hello Gerald,

    Thanks for still giving credit, that’s much appreciated :)

    YouTube’s Content ID system can’t check for credit, it just finds fingerprints of music files, and then we decide what should happen afterwards. On your “MY ACCOUNT” page, you can go to the white listing page and add the video you want white listed. You’ll find the link to the “CONTENT ID WHITELISTING” at the bottom of the account page.

  • Gerald Figueroa Wrote:

    Alright! Thank you very much, Per! I love your work and the music you provide really give life to any video. Keep it up! God bless!

  • Abhilash Wrote:

    Hello! Very nice music.
    I used your Seize_the_Day track for one of my monetized youtube videos.I have given credit to this website and mentioned track name also.But it is received a content ID claim.Can I solve this copyright issue.

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Yes, you can solve it by disputing the claim and adding your license, or you can white list the video through your account page.

  • Swelin Wrote:

    I was just wondering if I still can use the “Legacy Tracks” for youtube videos and still can get it monitized. I am going to use “The land of the wizard”, is it free to use without getting any copyright issues? I will give the artist credit and stuffs like that.

  • autumn starr Wrote:

    the wrong song is coming up as the copyrighted it was a line within the song i used that is coming up as copyrighted. so will youtube take out the audio or will it still be in my video?

  • Tube Mastermind Wrote:

    Thank you for the info i will be using it wisely.

  • Max Wrote:

    Hi there,
    I need help, not sure what to do and who to ask so hopefully someone have some answer.
    I’ve been uploading videos to Youtube since 2006 and recently the Third Party ID content match is driving me crazy. There are some videos I used intro music from others for about 2-3 minutes then the rest of the video is about 60-120 minutes are all from my own recording original contents. However I get Third Party ID matched and I can no longer monetized.
    The crazy part was this company claimed ID Content on the videos that I have absolutely no copyright contents, it was just me and my teacher talking. There are no background music, yet someone the Content ID matched? I dispute it as it is my original contents but they rejected my appeal. I don’t understand how they can do that to me when everything was original contents from me.

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Hello Max,

    While my post here is more for our customers, I will certainly try to help you out. I will be writing an email to you shortly.

  • hamtatiek Wrote:

    Hi, my video on YouTube was copywrited content. And it could not be published because of that. It was a audio swap between songs and mv’s.

    How can I publish such thing then? I already said in the description: “all rights to the owners of the music, video,etc.” I didn’t said it was mine so why is it a problem.

    I don’t really know how YouTube works so could you tell me how I can publish such a video?

  • shahnawaz khan Wrote:

    Please help to solve my copyright issue

  • shahnawaz khan Wrote:

    Please solve my copyright issue I have face many problems to download content.

  • shahnawaz khan Wrote:

    Please I request you to solve my problem immediately and I hope that you listen my request and take fast measures. Thankyou

  • Per Kiilstofte Wrote:

    Ok? I don’t know you and I don’t know your problem. If you have a problem with music from our website, by all means go ahead and contact us from the contact page.

    If you do go ahead and contact us, please provide us with adequate information so we can actually help. Simply stating “solve my problem immediately” is not going to work.

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