Frequently Asked Questions


What are "Legacy Tracks"?

The “Legacy Tracks” are our old tracks (released from 2009-2014) licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. Even though their quality is questionable (some more than others), we keep them around as a courtesy to those who would like to download them. Our new tracks from May 2015 and onward are all licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivative license with the option of buying additional rights for commercial use and synchronization.

How can I be certain the music is original and by the artists mentioned on this website?

We utilize a service called SafeCreative, an online copyright registry, that ties the musical works on our website to a legal entity. In other words, we take responsibility for our work. You can read much more about SafeCreative and their time stamping technology on the SafeCreative FAQ page.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, however we’re currently undergoing some changes to our mail servers so it’s not possible to sign up at the moment.

I purchased a product but did not receive any reciepts by e-mail?

E-mail is not 100% flawless, so on very rare occasions this may happen. This is why you will always be automatically directed to download links of your purchases immediately after a succesful transaction. If you find yourself in the situation where you did not receive any means of downloading your purchase (this has never happened), you have the following options of contacting us: Twitter, Google Plus, and our Contact Page.

Where can I sign up for an account?

When you buy an audio product an account is automatically created for you. Account details will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. In other words, there is no sign up per say, but you do get an account as a paying customer with access to the purchased downloads, licenses and extra features.

What is the difference between FREE, PRIME, MULTISTEM & ELIAS ENGINE?

The Free version comes with a default license where neither commercial use or derivatives are allowed (i.e. synchronizing the music to video), so put in simpler terms you could refer to the free version as a “Listening Version”, or “Try Before Buy”.

The PRIME, MULTISTEM and ELIAS ENGINE versions all have the same license that allow for commercial use and synchronization, worldwide. The technical differences between the packages is that the MULTISTEM holds multiple stems of the music, so it’s much easier for a video editor to shorten, lengthen or even remix the track completely. The ELIAS ENGINE version is made specifically for game developers utilizing the ELIAS (Elastic Lightweight Integrated Audio System) ENGINE from Elias Software AB. The PRIME package contains a 16Bit WAV, a 24Bit WAV, a 24Bit FLAC and an MP3.


How can I find professional voice-over for my projects?

Our trusted partner,, has over 125 000 professional voice-over artists worldwide, speaking over 100 languages and dialects! Visit today to sign up free and join the worlds #1 voice-over marketplace and get connected to voice-over talent from around the world!

Can you shorten, extend or otherwise alter one of your existing tracks?

Many of our new tracks can be altered. Where available the track page will reflect it by displaying a “Get your own custom version” option.

Are you able to do Podcast Editing?

Absolutely. We do all sorts of editing and mixing, and are fully equipped to make your podcast productions sound great.


Do I have to release my own work as Creative Commons when I use your "Legacy Tracks"?

No. There are many different kinds of Creative Commons licenses, and you may be thinking of the “Share-Alike” that is part of some of these licenses. However, our license only requires attribution, and you may publish your work utilizing our “Legacy Tracks” under your own license (aka “Adapters License”). For more, please read the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Legal Code

Is the music on "Copyright Free", "Non-Copyright" and/or "Uncopyrighted"?

Generally speaking “Copyright Free” “Non-Copyright” and “Uncopyrighted” are incorrect terms. We acknowledge that these terms are possibly stemming from the issues people experience with YouTube and perhaps other platforms when it comes to copyright management. The way copyright is managed on YouTube and other places are creating issues for some content creators. However, copyright is merely the right to copy, and by default that right is held by the creator of a piece of work. The artists of Machinimasoundâ„¢ create original works and therefore hold the copyright to them.

Can I monetize with your "Legacy Tracks"?

Yes. We used the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY 4.0) for the “Legacy Tracks” which permits you to monetize on YouTube and other sites. This does not mean sub-licensing is allowed (i.e. selling the music through Amazon or iTunes)

Do I need to ask permission to use your "Legacy Tracks"?

No. The “Legacy Tracks” provided on our website are released with a Creative Commons CC-BY license, which means we give everyone a blanket permission to use the music, provided they uphold the attribution requirement.

What is attribution?

From Wikipedia: “Concept in copyright law requiring an author to be credited.”

What is a "Derivative"

In our license, a derivative is an adaption of our work. So adding our music to your video, game or other project creates an “adaption” or “derivative” of our work.

Can I use the FREE version for my project?

No. In order to use our music in your project you would need to buy a license. It doesn’t matter if the project is non-commercial. For projects with no music budget we offer our “Legacy Tracks” which can be used in projects, commercial and non-commercial, without paying for a license.

YouTube, AdRev & ContentID

I bought a license but my video with Machinimasound's music got a claim on YouTube, what can I do?

First it’s important that you double check the claim really is due to our music. There are many other music, video and game providers that use the Content ID system, and may flag one of your videos. When you’ve made sure the claim pertains to our music you can do several things to make this claim go away:

One option is to dispute the claim within YouTube’s own system, but you will need to prove you have a license to use the music. An easier option is to submit the video through the white listing form that you access via your Machinimasound “My Account“. You can also just send us a message with a link to your video and license ID (or other proof of purchase), and we will remove the claim from the Content ID system.

Do you have any guides or tutorials on how to deal with Content ID claims?

Per Kiilstofte has written some blog posts. One post is about why we chose to utilize Content ID, and the other is a guide to dealing with third party matched content claims.

I've received a claim on "Beyond the Stars" and YouTube says it's "Kolonisation", what should I do?

This is a false positive and it’s been going on for years now. “Beyond the Stars” sound similar to Kolonisation (to the non human “ears” of Content ID), but as soon as a human is asked to look at the match the claim is always released.

My Let's Play Video got a Content ID Third-Party claim by AdRev, what can I do?

Indie developers use our music in their games, and hold a license to do so. However, the Content ID system is not aware of this, and flags a video whenever it identifies the music. To know if it’s our music that flagged your video with Third-Party Content, you can search for the song name here on our website. If you come up with a positive match, please contact us, and we will sort it out for you.