We Speak Emotion

Whether it's a narrative or the ambiance of a game's level design, our finest task is to translate the emotion, delivering an enhanced immersion through sound.


While arguably composition in its simplest form is the ordering of sounds and harmonies, we acknowledge that today, composing means delivering a finished, mixed and mastered piece of music. Whether 100% sample based, recording a live symphonic orchestra or somewhere in between you get a finished track ready for your medium of choice.

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Sound Design

From field recording to synthesis, digital to analogue, through broken tape recorders, and modern effects. In our search for new and exceptional sounds, nothing is off limits.

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Sound Editing

Cleaning up audio, from simple editing of plosives (i.e. air from a P sound hitting too hard) to spectral repairs, de-essing (harsh S'es) and noise removal. We can take your audio to the next level.

Sound Mixing

With a limited range of frequencies audible to the human ear, sound mixing is the art of compromise. Deciding what frequencies to cut away all while maintaining the overall sonic picture and maximizing the appeal for the audience.

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Just like mixing, it's an art in itself, but some administrative tasks are also included, like adding ISRC codes to music tracks for release. As for the audio, mastering to us is sweetening the final track before distribution. It is heavily dependent on the musical genre as well, but some general things we do, are adding reverb, EQ's, compression/expansion, tube satuarion, limiting and dithering.

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