Our licensing boils down to the following three rules

If you buy one of our premium packages (PRIME, MULTISTEM or ELIAS), the music of that package is yours to reuse as many times as you like, in any commercial or non-commercial project.

If you download a free version of our music, you can use that for listening, and share it with friends and family.

If you download a “Legacy Track” you can use that for free in any commercial or non-commercial project as many times you like, when giving credit to the artist.

A more elaborate explanation

All our music [“Legacy Tracks” not included] is released using the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license, and you can download and use our music for non-commercial and non-derivative purposes for free. What this means in more plain terms is, that you’re allowed to download any free track from our site, share it with others and listen to it on your preferred music player, but you’re not allowed to release videos and other projects where the music has been adapted, to the public using the free CC-BY-NC-ND licensed version.

Commercial Use & Syncronization

If you want to use it for a project, commercial or otherwise, that you make available to the public like a video or a game, we ask that you buy an additional license granting the rights to do so. The additonal license is like an add-on to the existing CC-BY-NC-ND license that effectively waives (removes) the non-commercial, no-derivative and attribution requirements for the buyer. This is also known as CC+ licensing, because we start out with a verbatim Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license, and grant extra permissions in a personalized independent agreement in exchange for a fee.

The additional license granting you the right to use the music for derivative (i.e. synchronization) and commercial purposes is provided in exchange for a fee. When you buy one of our three payload options available (Prime, Multistem & Elias), a personalised license with a unique ID is automatically included in your purchase granting you the worldwide right to use the music for derivative, commercial purposes without having to provide attribution, in any and all media (TV, Radio, Internet)

  Free Prime Multistem Elias
Can be copied to any and all personal devices
Can be used in a non-commercial project
Can be used in a monetized project (i.e. YouTube, Twitch, Game)

This chart applies to all releases from 2015 and onwards and gives a brief overview of the licensing rights. Any track denoted “Legacy Track” on our site is still licensed under Creative Commons Attribution [CC-BY] and is free to use commercially in any adaptation (i.e. video or a game) with credit.

Read the Full CC-BY-NC-ND License

Check out the licensing FAQ

Legacy Tracks

Legacy Tracks are what was referred to as “Free” up until April 25, 2015, and they still are free to use, only the name has changed. Legacy Tracks are all licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, and you are free to use these for commercial purposes when providing credit (credit is referred to as Attribution in legal terminology).